About WWER forum

The Forum of the regulatory bodies of the countries operating WWERs was established in 1993.

The objective of the Forum is to promote higher safety and radiation protection in the countries concerned by way of utilizing the collective experience, information sharing and joint efforts of the national regulatory bodies to address safety issues and improve the policy and practices of regulatory activities.

Presently, the Forum members are chairpersons of the regulatory bodies of Armenia, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, India, Iran, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Representatives of Germany and the IAEA attend the Forum as observers. Belarus was invited to join the WWER Forum as an observer.

The Forum operates under the memorandum signed by the members-countries in 1998 in Armenia.

The Forums convenes once a year and hosted by the Forum member-countries by turns. As a rule, the chairpersons of the country members' regulatory bodies take part in the annual meetings.

During the Forum meetings, the delegation leaders present information on issues of nuclear and radiation safety regulation in their countries and discuss safety significant events that have taken place at the WWER NPPs.

Under the Memorandum, the Forum establishes working groups to address the issues chosen by the Forum.

As of now, the acting working groups are:

  • Application of PSA methods in regulatory activities (led by Hungary);
  • Working Group on Ageing (led by Russia);
  • Working Group on Reactor Physics Analysis (led by Russia)